Solo vs Alone

As much as I enjoy taking others into the Colorado Backcountry – to see their wonderment, to watch them thrive – I appreciate the opportunity to sneak in a couple nights at tree-line, all by my lonesome, whenever I can.

There’s something so empowering about being comfortable with only what’s on your back, excited to have no idea where you’re sleeping each night (how many of us can say that?), and completely content without another soul in view for days.

And the solitude – what it does for the reset button of your soul…

When you’re in a place of complete awe, all that free space in your head gets filled with the most amazing things: what to do next with your life, fresh solutions for whatever seemed to be in your way, what you need to be happy, that we live on an amazing planet…

I can honestly say that as much as I enjoy being in proximate relation to others, I LOVE being alone. Which is why I’m always a bit surprised to come across some who can’t even bear the THOUGHT of being alone … let alone actually spending some quality time with and by themselves. They’re fairly easy to spot, always trying to cram as much into every day as possible.

I have come to see it as having to do with being so terrified of what that voice in their head will say to them … if they only stopped moving and gave it a minute.

But what I find is that developing an actual relationship with that voice can lead to some serious contentment (and who couldn’t use a little more contentment these days?). Yes, you CAN establish a healthy relationship with the voice(s) in your head.

You can start advocating for yourself to that voice. Let it know that you’ve got things under control and that it can just sit back quietly on the couch in your head. Thank it for trying to help. After a bit, you’ll find that the voice quiets, is more along for the ride, and can actually be a pretty good cheerleader when you need one.

What a change in perspective – in mindset – from being terrified of the shame or pain or fear some quiet headspace may bring, to having a loving, joyful, supportive relationship with that best friend in your head…

Yes, joy AND contentment await!

And no better place to learn how to get there than in the woods. Where life slows down so much that you can watch yourself engaging with your thoughts. Where you can practice focusing on finding a healthy mindset in real time, so that you can return to the ‘real world’ with a better understanding of how to create the best experience of life for yourself.

If this is intriguing in any way, let’s schedule some time to talk about the possibilities – and what’s in it for you.

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