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A Tale of Adventure Survival [and Leadership Lessons Learned]

I am violently pried from my zero degree sleeping bag at the crack of dawn.  The culprit is a gust of wind strong enough to blow the blockaded door of the storm shelter open, and along with it, bring several shovel-fulls of driving snow into my quickly devolving reality [What may look easy one minute could […]

Agility isn’t Just for Sports Anymore

Agility is the ability to be nimble in real time. In a physical sense, as conditions and circumstances change (which they always do), how quickly are we able to respond – appropriately – to those changes?  My winter passion is backcountry snowboarding, otherwise known as splitboarding. One of my prized possessions is a locally made […]

The Speedometer Between Your Ears

I had an amazing insight while mountain biking the other day … when in the midst of dangerous circumstances, our thoughts just get in the way.  I realized that when I’m riding fast down a steep, twisty trail, I don’t hardly think at all. I’m moving too fast and there are just too many decisions […]

Finding My Balance (Again)

Now that the snow has mostly melted off the trails at 8,500′, I can finally ride my mountain bike again. To say riding a bike is important to me is an understatement. Except for the Colorado winters we moved into 15 years ago, I’ve probably ridden my bike a couple days a week for nearly […]


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