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Meet Jeff Kinsey, Our Founder


Unique Approach For Passionate Leaders Creating A Place of Calm Clarity

Combining 25 years of operational, relationship management, and sales leadership experience from the world of Big New York Banks with 20 years of backcountry wilderness adventure, Jeff Kinsey created The Logos Group to apply his unique approach to help passionate leaders create sustainable organizations from a place of calm and clarity.

“Obstacles with family, divorce, depression, feelings of identity or happiness can all lead to perceived roadblocks to success and can benefit from my style of coaching”

Jeff Kinsey, Founder.

You Have A Choice Don't Get Wrapped Up In Negative Thinking

“At the end of the day, you have within you the power to be the happiest, content person you can be and make a difference for yourself and others. It’s something that took me more than 20 years of coping with stress, struggling to overcome depression, striving to find wellness and happiness without success, until I found myself in a midlife crisis and in need of life change.

I wasn’t living life for me, but rather for what I had understood was the American dream. I got angry, I got hateful, I got suicidal. And then I learned about the true nature of thought and how I could make meaning out of my experiences through thought. It let me live a life of grace – a happy life that was true to me.

You have options; you don’t have to get wrapped up in negative thinking. You have a choice.” Jeff Kinsey, Founder.

We Are The Logos Group Coach for Leaders

At The Logos Group, we also connect nonprofit service providers with progressive for-profit companies to achieve social agendas through direct interaction, fighting on behalf of our most marginalized Americans.

Through culture-based strategic planning and mindful-based executive coaching, Jeff aligns business models to purpose and supports leadership development within an innate culture predicated on growth.

Jeff has worked for J.P. Morgan, Citi, State Street, The Bank of New York, Bankers Trust, Huntington Bank, and The Michaels Organization. He holds an MBA in Strategic Leadership from the Dominican University of California as well as an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with emphasis in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California (Fight On!).

Jeff lives with his family high in the Rockies west of Boulder where he spends as much time in the Colorado backcountry as possible.