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Backcountry Adventure

Excursion adventure with Jeff Kinsey

Wilderness Guide

“As an organizational consultant, executive coach and wilderness guide, I spend a lot of time in the outdoors with my clients, helping them find a different source from which to address their problems.”

Jeff Kinsey, Founder

Adventure Awaits

Custom Coaching Excursions Backcountry Adventure

We offer custom coaching excursions running the spectrum of backcountry adventure options; from simple, hour-long hikes in the woods near Boulder, through multi-day backpacking excursions, replete with summiting of one or more of Colorado’s storied 14,000′ peaks (if that’s your jam). 

We’ll work together to determine the best place for you on that spectrum and create a custom mental and physical training program to meet you where you are, today, and help you get the most out of your personally-crafted wilderness experience. Our excursions can be a catalyst for life change, coping with stress and discovering new opportunities that will show up right in front of you like magic.

Being able to explore and understand your own fears and limitations requires vulnerability and honesty – something that an excursion away from the stressors of the modern world and near constant noise can make accessible. The ability to make successful adjustments as you explore yourself and nature, parlays into every other relationship in your life and these excursions will allow you the space to do it. 

The wilderness is a fantastic laboratory where none of the typical systems and social constructs exist to fall back on. You’re forced to operate with agility, under very simple terms, and find solutions within that simplicity which can then be applied to fix whatever challenges you face. Being outdoors reduces stress and anxiety, while also opening up so much potential. 

The outdoors provides a connection with a more innate and fundamental ‘human’ nature, whose insights are transferable to any situation where leveraging your team’s individual capabilities is critical to determining the best course of action. 

Like dialing up the ‘human’ channel on your radio, we’ve all felt it at one time or another when we step outside the hum of intellect and into a space of quiet like when walking the dog, driving to work, or in the shower – BOOM – the answer to that lingering problem pops in, seemingly out of nowhere.

You may have driven yourself batty trying to work through it for days and then suddenly there it is! Most people don’t understand that this is our default setting. We have access to this wisdom all the time. Through coaching and guiding, I show people how to live in that space – in consciousness – where all the beauty of life shows up before us and we get to decide how to engage with it.

What does this really boil down to? The situation has changed and following the plan could now end poorly. It’s time to take a deep breath to reset and open your mind to fresh thinking. Keep the faith, it will come.

The cool part about this approach is that it’s showing up in current leadership trends. The ‘directive’ leader of the past – the guy who figures out what everyone else should do from the comfort of his private office and then can’t understand why turnover is so high – is out. 

The true ‘leader’ walks into the room and sits down with the team. They start by asking how people are doing – no, really, how are you doing? And then they listen. The agenda grows organically. Problems surface and get addressed through the lens of the equity, diversity, and inclusion you’ve come to appreciate – and hired to represent – in the decision-making process.

Give yourself the gift of freedom – where you understand that you are in control of how you live your life. You are the new leader: you create a plan to set direction via goals and then stay far enough away from your ego to follow your heart. Your team will appreciate you so much they’ll never want to leave. It’s only natural. 


“Jeff’s guidance and coaching while preparing for this adventure set me up for success.  He gave me a detailed training plan for each week, beginning with short hikes with no pack load and progressing to multiple weekly hikes with a full pack load.  As I was acquiring gear for the trip, Jeff provided advice on what to look for and what to avoid.

We held a one-hour coaching session each month, which helped Jeff track my progress and help me prepare mentally for the challenges we could face on our trip.  We reviewed maps, pictures from previous excursions, and likely weather events so that I had a good idea of what to expect and be prepared for.

Once we got underway, all the training time and gear preparation came together.  I was physically prepared for the demands of a multi-day hike at elevations above 12,000 feet.  I had the proper gear for the weather conditions that the Rockies can throw at you in the summer months.   I also had a guide who I could count on to get me to the summit and back to the trailhead in one piece.  Jeff is also a fantastic backcountry cook…providing the good calories we needed during the day and a delicious hot meal every evening…with a nip of good Colorado whiskey for dessert!”

Leroy C.

Certified in Wilderness First Aid by the CU Anschultz Medical School Avalanche Level 1 certification from AIARE


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