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Coaching session with Jeff on Zoom

Consciousness on Demand

Give yourself the gift of consciousness on demand. Reach out for a free, one-hour introduction where we can talk about the true nature of thought, making meaning out of experiences and living a life of grace.

“The things that you might be seeking, like the courage to explore new opportunities, tools to overcome depression or battle against the fear of failure, spiritual and emotional wellness, the space to allow yourself to be happy, improved relationships, or the ability to cope with stress are all available to you and I can help you uncover your own power by understanding how you make meaning out of your experience through thought.”

Jeff Kinsey, Founder

Individual Coaching Awareness | Choice | New Opportunities

The way we approach coaching is entirely unique to the individual, but the goal is to empower you with the knowledge that you have both the choice and the power within you to live the life you want. The source of wisdom exists outside of your intellect – outside of your head – and with awareness and understanding, we can all tap into it on demand.

How It Works: we make the coaching style fit you.

For some nonprofit or for-profit leaders, it’s a once-a-week regular Zoom where we begin a program to explore what your experiences have been over the given week and see if there are options in the ways that you’ve made meaning out of it. For some, it’s a hike in the woods to reset and talk through life’s challenges.

In pulling apart and laying out those stressors of the week, be it to discuss life, work, goals, dreams, or emotional wellness, we’ll shine a light  to uncover what thoughts or false beliefs are keeping you stuck and explore options to see the world in a different light.

Feeling stuck in a bad job or working for an organization that doesn’t have a cultural fit to who you are, trying to sustain relationships that don’t serve you or even depression can be hard to overcome alone. Group dynamics have been made even more challenging as our work becomes increasingly remote. 

When you are able to stay curious and seek to understand even the most tangential subjects, you can have a deeper and broader base from which to guide yourself toward new possibilities. Simply put: you are in the driver’s seat and we can help you get to where you’re going.

“I found myself doing a lot of storytelling. before my work with Jeff. I would find myself on the brink of burnout and stress because I didn’t know that I could step outside that running narrative in my head that felt like fact but existed only within me. I’ve translated that knowledge into my relationships with my team, family and friends.”

Dannielle Stewart, Nonprofit Leader

Team And Culture Coaching Build A Solid Foundation

The culture of an organization only thrives when there is alignment among your stakeholders. When you start with a solid foundation from which to plan, you’ll be better equipped to uncover the hidden drivers and get to the ideal solution for making both strategic and tactical adjustments on the fly. 

We’ll start by identifying your key stakeholders like your leadership team, CEO, Executive Director, Board of Directors and staff, volunteers or vendors. By understanding them better, you’ll be able to grow your organization and better meet your goals. 

A healthy culture reduces turnover and can help you in your recruitment efforts, increases employee engagement and can increase productivity. For nonprofits, a healthy and aligned culture can increase capacity and help fulfill mission. 

As an entrepreneur – or a leader in any setting – it can be very important to recognize when to throw the plan out the window and go with your gut. So for any organization, everyone is better served when you have a healthy and unified leadership team. 

Critical decisions can be made more easily when all stakeholders are clear and aligned on the goals, mission and values of the organization. 

What We See Strategic Planning

The biggest problem we see with companies reaching their goals is the leadership team’s inability to put down their busy minds and work effectively together to solve problems and execute solutions. We enable firms and executives to reach their respective goals by getting them out of their own way…

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