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The Backcountry Retreat Center


Your Mountain Hub

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Adventure Awaits


Relax and take it easy at this calming and tranquil getaway, surrounded by the Roosevelt National Forest lands. Just 25 minutes west of Boulder, you will find this charming guest suite in the quiet Mountain neighborhood of Magnolia Road. Drink in the mountain & valley views, enjoy solitude, while being excellently close to the towns of Boulder and Nederland, which host excellent dining options & services. Amazing hiking trails are nearby and plentiful! Eldora ski resort is 20 minutes away.

The space

The Backcountry Retreat Center is a private guest suite, situated at the ground level of our home. While this space is completely private and separate from the owners quarters, we ask that guests who are staying enjoy the peaceful, quiet lifestyle that comes with mountain living and honor quiet hours from 8pm-8am on a daily basis.
Please note: We can only accommodate a maximum of 2 vehicles. Please pre-plan your carpooling!

Guest access

Guests will be able to easily park up to two vehicles and enter the Retreat Center through their own, private entrance, via the walking path on the right into the lower/ground level entry. Please see our photos for detailed descriptions and pictures.

Other things to note

Please reach out to our co-host Alexandra or homeowner Jeff with any questions you may have before/during/after your stay. We are here to help you enjoy your stay to the fullest! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to ensure the best stay possible for you.
We expect all guests to adhere to basic mountain safety practices, fire safety practices, and adhere to our House Rules.

Please note- you are in the Colorado Rockies & there is lots of wildlife around. Moose, bear, lions, bobcats, fox, snakes, are all known to be in the area. Please -NEVER leave food/trash/recycling OUTSIDE OR IN YOUR CAR!! This will attract unwanted attention from wildlife.
Never approach moose, elk, bear, or wild cats. These creatures are unpredictable and not afraid of Humans.

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“Jeff’s guidance and coaching while preparing for this adventure set me up for success.  He gave me a detailed training plan for each week, beginning with short hikes with no pack load and progressing to multiple weekly hikes with a full pack load.  As I was acquiring gear for the trip, Jeff provided advice on what to look for and what to avoid.

We held a one-hour coaching session each month, which helped Jeff track my progress and help me prepare mentally for the challenges we could face on our trip.  We reviewed maps, pictures from previous excursions, and likely weather events so that I had a good idea of what to expect and be prepared for.

Once we got underway, all the training time and gear preparation came together.  I was physically prepared for the demands of a multi-day hike at elevations above 12,000 feet.  I had the proper gear for the weather conditions that the Rockies can throw at you in the summer months.   I also had a guide who I could count on to get me to the summit and back to the trailhead in one piece.  Jeff is also a fantastic backcountry cook…providing the good calories we needed during the day and a delicious hot meal every evening…with a nip of good Colorado whiskey for dessert!”

Leroy C.

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