Bringing those who give to those in need

Fighting on behalf of our most marginalized Americans, we enable fulfilling relationships with mission-driven organizations who understand their futures are positively correlated to the overall health of their communities. We connect non-profit service providers with progressive for-profit companies to achieve social agendas through direct interaction.

Adding value by driving mutual benefit


Organization & Leadership coaching

Capacity building

Industry support

Funding partners


Non-profit pre-qualification

Impact matching

Curated program execution

ROI focused

Community Benefits

Stronger organizations

Mission-allocated funds

Opportunities to deploy time, treasure and talent

Improved community health

Founder’s Corner

Jeff Kinsey

After a 20 year career with Big New York Banks, Jeff has harnessed his experience to help companies and executives find their true paths.

My Super Power

Is listening so deeply that my clients discover the answers to their problems are already within themselves and that they simply need a quiet mind (and a little help) to get them out.


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Jeff Kinsey, Founder
Boulder, Colorado

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